All Debt Solutions understands there are often hesitations about companies assigning their accounts to an agency. Am I going to alienate a customer who just fell behind? Am I going to have a bad reputation in the community, if the moment someone falls behind, I send them to a Debt Collector?


All Debt Solutions offers our 3rd party collection letter program.   Our letters are diplomatic and encourage a amicable solution. So whether it is right out of the gate or after some internal efforts, All Debt Solutions will send a series of letters on our letter head urging your client to call you directly, pay you directly, and not have to deal with a collection agency directly. We can even show you how you can get this service for free.


With over 25 years of experience, All Debt Solutions maintains the best practices of a collections agency and combines it with top notch customer service.  We will preserve your reputation in the community. Recovering more money from your aging report just takes a little extra time, time you don’t always have, but we do. Other times your client just needs a gentle nudge; a nudge is exactly what we provide. We will place a call from your office or “virtually” from ours, as a member of your company’s A/R team.

“Debt can turn a free, happy person

into a bitter human being.”

-Michael Mihalik