All Debt Solutions recognizes it’s limitations and affiliates with local attorneys who deliver the “next step” in debt collection.

If any of your accounts need the strength of a lawsuit, our attorneys can file the claim in your local court.  We will coordinate and monitor the entire process for you.

Obtaining a judgment for you can open the doors to other types of collections that would otherwise be limited without one. Once judgment is issued, we may be able to put an attachment on the debtors wages, place a lien on their real estate, or if need be and appropriate we may be able to seize personal property.

All Debt Solutions  will make every attempt to avoid the need for litigation, but it is good to know, that when there are no options left, we are ready to take recovering your hard earned money to the next step.

“Debt can turn a free, happy person

into a bitter human being.”

-Michael Mihalik