Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I only have a few delinquent customer accounts, I feel like they may be more trouble than their worth, is that the case with your company?

A:  No, not in any way, many of our clients place just an account here or there as they pop up.  Your money is your money, collecting on it is the right thing to do.

Q:  The balances are very small that are owed to us, sometimes only ($50-$100), are those worth your time?

A:  Yes, we accept all dollar amounts, we can’t work a $25.00 balance for months at a time of course, but we will put them through our regular collection process.

Q:  How do you charge, what is the set up cost involved, is there a contract, and are there any additional costs that we will incur?

A:  There are no set up costs, no hidden fees, no contract, and no cost to you at all unless we are successful in the recovery.   No collection – no charge.  The rate is determined by the age, background, and additional details of the placement, but will be clearly defined from the beginning of the relationship.

Q:  I have heard some bad things related to Collection Agencies, how do I know your company is forthright and not one of the “bad actors”?

A:  The answer to this question is that only our current clients can answer that question.  We expect nothing less than for you to confirm our decency in character before coming on board with us.  Let us know your industry and we’ll give you several references.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured and we treat people appropriately.  Although debt collection tends to have a stigma attached to it, we daily work on quelling that stigma.

Q:  The reason I’ve been considering using a collection agency is that I just don’t have the time to keep chasing people for revenue that is very old. But, I can’t help to think that it’s my responsibility, am I better off hiring a new employee or doing it myself?

A:  The overwhelming number of our clients that use our service so that they can run their current daily office activity would amaze you. They, just like you, have ordinary current collections to manage, current patients or customers to schedule, service and many other office functions to fulfill. They place with us the accounts that arrive at 90-120 days old so they are properly managed, because they just don’t have the time to waste chasing old funds.   If they take the time to do it, they end up behind on many other daily jobs.  This way they have a system in place, and the system is time based, not emotional.

Q:  The money that is due us is very important and we would like it collected, but we’re concerned that our reputation for using a collection agency could be tarnished?

A:  Controlling an anonymous comment on the internet is practically impossible, but people tend not to give much credibility to anonymous postings.  Very rarely do people that owe money speak poorly of their creditor because they used a collection agency to help recover a past due debt.  People don’t want to attach their name in an attempt to smear our clients for hiring a professional and ethical agency to collect what is rightfully owed.

Q:  We’ve used collection agencies in the past, and they might collect 1 or 2 accounts and then we never hear from them again, nor do we receive updates or reports, and we don’t know when they have stopped working our accounts?

A:  We work our clients’ past due accounts for several months diligently and outperform our competitors by leaps and bounds.  Many times we out-collect them by 40-50%.  You will receive closure for all of your accounts (successful or other), we recognize this is critical to our client’s needs.  You will have full access to view any or all of your accounts in any report mode you wish 24/7.  We will be there when you need us.

Q:  Ok, how do we start?

A:  It’s actually very simple, call us or email us and we’ll get you going and returning your lost revenue ASAP.  (774) 804-DEBT (3328) or click here to contact us via email.

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I’ve known John for the last decade and can say without hesitation that he is an outstanding debt collector who along with his team, goes above and beyond to get outstanding results for all of his clients. In today’s world, where collection is so vital to an organization’s bottom line, you need a business partner that can help move the needle on your company’s margins and John has helped deliver that every time. It’s partnerships like that, that ultimately make the difference in being successful or being out of business. I can’t say enough about the tremendous work that John and his team do.

Paul J. Cellucci

Director of Strategic Growth , Smith Brothers Insurance

I have known John Tammaro for over 12 years and I fully endorse him as a business owner. John has made a significant impact on our community and has always demonstrated himself with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. John is a person who will represent his customers in a professional, ethical manner and I fully endorse him as a business owner and community advocate.

James Kenney

North East Area VP-Sales, Boston Scientific

I have known and worked with John for over 15 years. He has never been anything less than a true professional. His creativity and willingness to try something new to be successful has always been an asset to me. When I need a collector John is the only person I call and I would recommend you to do the same!

Steve Goldstein

Imaging Sales Executive, GE Healthcare

As owner of a small business, I can’t spend my time chasing old money. I have used John Tammaro for years because he is the best at what he does. He handles our collections carefully and quickly, while always maximizing our return. He’s the best!

Steve Ellis

Owner - President, Bright Insurance Agency & Jensen Sheehan Insurance

3 REASONS small business owners work so hard but don’t get paid:

1) They don't have the time to keep chasing their money Focus on making not chasing money 2) They feel awkward asking for the money that's owed them Arguing with a customer "just doesn't feel right" 3) They feel like they did something wrong since they didn't get paid...

Commercial Collections

There are many reasons why a business may find itself behind with following up with their uncollected accounts receivables. It’s certainly not from laziness, nor from not caring, but more likely due to they are just too busy, developing new business and servicing existing customers and overall daily operation of their organization.

ADS and Consumer Collections

Consumer collections apply to every business that have past-due accounts, and may be challenged receiving those slower paying customers funds. Almost every business can benefit from this type of service. All Debt Solutions Inc. (ADS) will facilitate your needs and deliver your “already” earned money. ADS can help your company return the money that is due to you respectfully, without alienating your client base.