commercialThere are many reasons why a business may find itself behind with following up with their uncollected accounts receivables.  It’s certainly not from laziness, nor from not caring, but more likely due to they are just too busy, developing new business and servicing existing customers and overall daily operation of their organization.  needs a collection agencies help to get their money back.  One of those reasons is commercial collections.  When a business owes another business money it can be hard to actually physically collect what is yours, this is often because of the existing rapport that you have with your customers.  All Debt Solutions Inc. (ADS) can help you collect what is yours by absorbing all of the hard work for you.  By turning the delinquent account over to us we will take the necessary steps of recovering your money.

     For example, if your company provided a service for another company and that company did not pay you for your service (for whatever reason) using a collection agency to assist you and your staff can make it easier and more effective to get your money back.  The other option is to do it yourself (which you’ve already been doing), so employing a collection agency at this stage is often enough, to persuade the delinquent business to remit full payment.   With our qualified team and your input, ADS will help you find the right way to approach your delinquent accounts.  At ADS you have access to us at any time, you can call and ask how a collection is going and be involved as much as you want to be in the process, or as most of our clients prefer, let us handle it completely and just send you your funds once we’ve completed the job.


I’ve known John for the last decade and can say without hesitation that he is an outstanding debt collector who along with his team, goes above and beyond to get outstanding results for all of his clients. In today’s world, where collection is so vital to an organization’s bottom line, you need a business partner that can help move the needle on your company’s margins and John has helped deliver that every time. It’s partnerships like that, that ultimately make the difference in being successful or being out of business. I can’t say enough about the tremendous work that John and his team do.

Paul J. Cellucci

Director of Strategic Growth , Smith Brothers Insurance

I have known John Tammaro for over 12 years and I fully endorse him as a business owner. John has made a significant impact on our community and has always demonstrated himself with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. John is a person who will represent his customers in a professional, ethical manner and I fully endorse him as a business owner and community advocate.

James Kenney

North East Area VP-Sales, Boston Scientific

I have known and worked with John for over 15 years. He has never been anything less than a true professional. His creativity and willingness to try something new to be successful has always been an asset to me. When I need a collector John is the only person I call and I would recommend you to do the same!

Steve Goldstein

Imaging Sales Executive, GE Healthcare

As owner of a small business, I can’t spend my time chasing old money. I have used John Tammaro for years because he is the best at what he does. He handles our collections carefully and quickly, while always maximizing our return. He’s the best!

Steve Ellis

Owner - President, Bright Insurance Agency & Jensen Sheehan Insurance